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Predicting medical device failure in LMIC hospitals27 November 2020 
Predicting medical device failure, its impact on hospitalís mission, and optimal maintenance schedules for LMIC hospitals
Modeling and Compensation of Hysteretic Nonlinearities in Robotic Catheters06 October 2020 
Modeling and Compensation of Hysteretic Nonlinearities in Robotic Catheters: Machine Learning Methods versus Mechanical Solutions
Overview of projects in Nepal30 September 2020 
Projects together with a researcher in Nepal
3D guidance for spinal surgery16 September 2020 
3D guidance for spinal surgery - Development of a DRS-enhanced drill
Development of a bone tissue-simulating phantom 19 August 2020 
Development of a bone tissue-simulating phantom for testing of a DRS-enhanced steerable drill
A phantom simulating the fetal electrocardiogram13 July 2020 
The aim of the project is to develop a phantom that simulates the electrical activity of the fetal heart within the maternal abdomen.
Developing a breast phantom to evaluate tumour margins assessment techniques 07 July 2020 
Developing a breast phantom to assess different tumour margin assessment techniques during breast cancer surgery
Learning using digital environments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries17 November 2019 
Motivating trainees and workers in using digital environments Ė learning to motivate across Low- and Middle-Income Country cultures
Evaluation of ventilation of neonates in low resource settings23 July 2019 
Evaluation of medical equipment for low resource settings - Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ė bCPAP
Ear prosthesis for NEPAL06 May 2019 
Design and production of a simple ear prosthesis for ear patients in Nepal.
Personalized brachytherapy applicators07 February 2019 
Preliminary studies to assess various facets for the development of personalized gynaecological brachytherapy applicators.
Internships low resource settings27 December 2018 
Internships are available in Nepal, Suriname, Kenia and Indonesia
Perfusion system for long term ex vivo perfusion of the liver 01 November 2018 
A long term Ex Vivo Liver Perfusion system will be developed for a small animal able to control temperature and perfusate flow.
Modulating liver regeneration01 November 2018 
Development of a perfusion model, enabling modulation and regeneration of the liver outside the body
Tool to capture tumour cells circulating in blood18 September 2018 
With this tool it is aimed to make existing chemotherapies much more effective, as they can be more correctly prescribed
Cleaning flexible endoscopes18 September 2018 
Internship at LUMC to determine the process steps needed to clean flexible endoscopes.
The ARGUS Project07 May 2018 
Automatically Real time Generated early warning scoring system Using Sensor technology, a project from the department of Gynecology of the Erasmus MC
Simulaties voor hartoperaties01 May 2018 
Help hartoperaties te verbeteren door een simulatiemodel te maken om calamiteiten te oefenen.
Measuring the forces involved during stenting human diseased arterial vessels29 March 2018 
In this master project you will be involved in this important clinical challenge working towards the development of a test-bed that is capable of measuring the forces involved during stenting human disease arterial vessels. In particular, you will perform
Invloed van een stenose op de ACCmax20 March 2018 
De afdeling Vaatchirurgie LUMC verricht onderzoek naar de invloed van stenoses met behulp van echo Duplex, in vitro flow-modellen en in vivo studies
Internship in Suriname: Improve the current sterilization process in the Academic Hospital Paramaribo 16 November 2017 
Internship in Suriname: Improve the current sterilization process in the Academic Hospital Paramaribo by analysing the current situation, identify the weaknesses and implementing pragmatic solutions.
Intra-operatieve MRI bij neurochirurgische operaties; vernieuwde hoofd-fixatie en workflow.11 July 2017 
In dit project zal een nieuwe vorm van hoofdfixatie ontwikkeld worden en een bijbehorend planvoor optimale workflow voor het maken van een MRI scan tijdens de operatie.
Design of a 3D Patient Specific Osteotomy11 July 2017 
This project relates to Patient Specific Osteotomy instruments that are designed using 3D visualisation techniques and manufactured using 3D printers.
Interactieve database applicatie voor de gestructureerde behandeling van patiŽnten 03 July 2017 
Ontwikkeling en implementatie van een interactieve database applicatie voor de gestructureerde behandeling van patiŽnten met inflammatoire darmziekten met biologicals
Tracked tongue tumor surgery15 June 2017 
Intraoperative tracking of oral cavity carcinomas in head and neck surgery using MR-based three-dimensional (3D) models of surgical resections.
Image guided surgery15 June 2017 
Intraoperative use of hyperspectral imaging in discriminating tumor from healthy tissue
Platform for ultrasound guided oncological surgery - At Philips Research 05 April 2017 
To improve the balance between radical surgery and preventing morbidity in cancer surgery, we aim to visualize a tumor marker with respect to the surgical instruments during oncological surgery.
Heart Rate Variability as an indicator for intracranial pressure03 April 2017 
Prior research has shown that HRV can be used as an early indicator for Sepsis in Neonates, allowing antibiotics to start up to a day earlier. The Neurosurgical department of the Erasmus MC hospital is interested in testing if HRV can be used to monitor i
Instrument guided removal of cement and 3D technology to improve total hip replacement.14 November 2016 
Aim: to develop an alternative approach to the extended trochanteric osteotomy by using instrument guided removal of cement and 3D technology. This will shorten the surgery, decrease blood loss, prevent fractures and reoperations.
Internship in Academic hospital Suriname 23 June 2016 
Sterilizing medical instruments is of the utmost importance in healthcare. Every hospital in the Netherlands has a ĎCentrale Sterilisatie Afdeling/Dienstí which is responsible for the decontamination of the instruments, including cleaning, disinfection an
Development of an organ incubator07 June 2016 
The aim of the project is to develop an organ incubator that will enable a significant improval of liver organs.
Design of a robust and affordable electro surgical device for challenging low resource settings 27 May 2016 
Electro surgery devices are used in the majority of surgeries in the developing world, but is also one of the most complex and burdensome devices. To overcome some of the problems of the electro surgery devices and make it appropriate for the use in chall
Design of medical (surgical) equipment for challenging low resource settings27 May 2016 
For widespread implementation of surgery safe and high quality affordable equipment is needed that is appropriate for usage in challenging environments. The design has to encounter the local needs, able to deal with the lack of maintenance infrastructure,
Contact and Friction between guidewire, catheter and blood vessel17 May 2016 
Experimental analysis to characterize the frictional forces and contact force between the guidewire and catheter and between the guidewire and vessels.
Optical Coherence Tomography in a needle28 April 2016 
Goal of project is to develop a very thin needle that incorporates OCT technology.
Thermal imaging in surgical procedures - Together with Philips31 March 2016 
Aim of this project is to develop techniques to monitor tissue perfusion and tissue/organ blood flow. Potential applications will be in monitoring organ perfusion upon resection in surgical procedures
Smart electrosurgical instruments - Together with Philips07 March 2016 
Positive margins in tumor surgery remain a widespread problem in clinical practice.. The goal is to find out if optical techniques can be used to detect properties of coagulated tissue
Assignments in St. Antoniusziekenhuis28 September 2015 
Several assignments in St. Antonius hospital Nieuwegein
Ventilation in neonates15 July 2015 
Devopment of a new ventilation technique for too early born babies.
Magnetically assisted video introducer for administering surfactant to preterm infants 15 July 2015 
Design the smallest device for surfactant administration, which is magnetically steerable and video assisted.
Wound flushing Ė Suction device for orthopedic revision surgery14 July 2015 
Developing a disposable flushing - suction system for orthopedic surgery that is not clogged by the debris that needs to be removed out of the wound.
Plaque Mechanics14 July 2015 
Study the effect of mechanical stresses on initation, progression, destabilization and rupture of atherosclerotic plaques
Temperature measurement for low-resources settings14 July 2015 
Philips Research is working on a portfolio of medical devices for low-resource settings.
Improving tissue tracking on ultrasound movies of tendons in the wrist 14 July 2015 
Measurement of tendon and nerve dynamics provides important insight into the (dys)function of the hand. We want to optimize imaging methods for reproducibility and robustness.
Combined visualization of laparoscopic and volumetric X-ray images25 September 2014 
Use augmented reality images of tumors and nerves obtained from volumetric X-ray images (Philips XperCT) and combine them with laparoscopic images to determine for example structures below the surface which cannot be seen with the laparoscopy.
Cerebral oxygenation in neonates: A sensitivity analysis of near infra-red spectroscopy29 May 2013 
The goal of this research is to determine the influence of parameters on the cerebral oxygenation, so that a model can be made to aid clinical decision. making.
Unobtrusive monitoring for neonates in the neonatal intensive care unit10 April 2013 
Philips research is investigating unobtrusive sensing for the NICU, aiming for novel modalities that can be used to provide reliable measures, enabling children to recover faster.
Master Internship at Urology department of the Erasmus MC02 April 2013 
This department aims at increasing the accuracy of the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Therefore fMRI and ultrasound images are combined. The focus of this assigment is to develop a steerable needle that allows for even higher accuracy.
AMC in Amsterdam: Quantification of bladder deformation and tumor movement in radiotherapy of bladder cancer patients22 March 2013 
Radiotherapy for bladder cancer patients is performed on multiple days and the corresponding planning is made based on CT scans on the first day. However, the anatomy of the patient changes during the treatment, for example due to filling of the bladder.
Eye surgery05 December 2012 
To increase the success of cornea transplantation, knowledge of the properties of the cornea membranes is essential. In this assignment the influence biomechanical properties on surgical outcome will be investigated.
Internships / stageplekken26 August 2012 
An incomplete list of internship opportunities in hospitals, companies and universities.
Vering in patient specifiek knie mechanisme22 August 2012 
Verbeter het ontwerp van een patient specifiek knie mechanisme en ontwerp er vering in.
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