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Needle insertion in cirrhotic livers14 July 2016 
Needle-Tissue interaction experiments with diseased human livers
Internship in Academic hospital Suriname 23 June 2016 
Sterilizing medical instruments is of the utmost importance in healthcare. Every hospital in the Netherlands has a ‘Centrale Sterilisatie Afdeling/Dienst’ which is responsible for the decontamination of the instruments, including cleaning, disinfection an
Development of an organ incubator07 June 2016 
The aim of the project is to develop an organ incubator that will enable a significant improval of liver organs.
Design of a robust and affordable electro surgical device for challenging low resource settings 27 May 2016 
Electro surgery devices are used in the majority of surgeries in the developing world, but is also one of the most complex and burdensome devices. To overcome some of the problems of the electro surgery devices and make it appropriate for the use in chall
Design of medical (surgical) equipment for challenging low resource settings27 May 2016 
For widespread implementation of surgery safe and high quality affordable equipment is needed that is appropriate for usage in challenging environments. The design has to encounter the local needs, able to deal with the lack of maintenance infrastructure,
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