Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques
Department of Biomechanical Engineering - Delft University of Technology
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Fiber scope for anesthesia anesthesia, can it more sustainable22 March 2021 
How to redesign a disposable or reusable fiber scope so that they become more sustainable.
Test and Calibration Methods for Devices in LMIC19 March 2021 
Appropriate Biomedical Test and Calibration Methods for LMIC
Klepsparende aortawortel vervanging01 March 2021 
Aortaklep aandoening bij niet-oudere patiŽnten is meestal te wijten aan aortaworteldilatatie, leidend tot aortaklepinsufficiŽntie. De aangewezen chirurgische therapie is in deze patienten het zogenoemde `klepsparende aortawortel vervangin
Reducing environmental stress for the premature babies using smart foil 15 December 2020 
In collaboration with a startup in the medical field, we would like to use smart foils to substitute the traditional covering methods for an incubator
Predicting medical device failure in LMIC hospitals27 November 2020 
Predicting medical device failure, its impact on hospitalís mission, and optimal maintenance schedules for LMIC hospitals
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