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Prof.dr. Jenny Dankelman
Reducing environmental stress for the premature babies using smart foil
15 December 2020

Project Assignment: Reducing environmental stress for the premature babies using smart foil



Do you want to be part of an innovation project and have a direct and tangible positive impact on people and society?


In collaboration with a startup in the medical field and as a small sub-project, we would like to use smart foils to substitute the traditional covering methods for an incubator as depicted in the picture below. With this system we could create an artificial day / night rhythm for the neonates and show vital information on the cover of the incubator.



The student will do a visibility study on smart foils covering the incubator to create light or dark environment for the neonates inside the incubator. This will result in a more comfortable environment by reducing experienced stress by the early born babies caused from external sources.


You may use a small part of the incubator hood to show the vital information of the system or the baby that is connected to a Single Board Computer (SBC).


You will investigate the regulatory aspects of a practical implementation on how to create a safe demonstrator of the smart foil covering the incubator. Following are of importance:

  • The CE-Marking, risks and safety measures using smart foils covering the incubator and in a hospital environment. The safety measures are like radiation, emission, and high voltage hazards, etc. The latter is necessary to manipulate the polarity of smart foil, so it becomes transparent or dark.
  • Possibility of using part of the smart foil as a touch screen that functions as an input device and shows information or alerts to the doctors or caretakers.


Providing proper documentation for the system setup, deployment procedure and the test results for the prototyping at different stages of development is part of this assignment!


Remark: Signing off the NDA is mandatory prior to starting the project!



For more information, please contact:

Prof. Paddy French ( at Bioelectronics.

Prof. Jenny Dankelman Jenny Dankelman ( - 3ME.

Kianoush Rassels ( at Bioelectronics.




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