Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques
Department of Biomechanical Engineering - Delft University of Technology
Prof.dr. Jenny Dankelman
Learning using digital environments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
17 November 2019

Motivating trainees and workers in using digital environments – learning to motivate across Low- and Middle-Income Country cultures


A major cause for insufficient available medical equipment in developing countries is lack of proper maintenance. Maintenance is either not performed, or it is not properly managed. Various digital software solutions can provide support for learning online (e-learning), and for computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) for medical equipment. Those are widely used in the western world.


However, for LMICs, an important issue is that users of those learning systems or computerized maintenance management systems have not the same mindset/intrinsic motivation to use them properly as users in the western world would do. Or perhaps, motivational mechanisms are highly personal. It is expected that the motivational mechanisms are different for various cultures and for individuals within those cultures. The aim of this assignment is to define and test contextual motivational mechanisms that could be used in, for example, e-learning systems or CMMSs. This knowledge could be used to provide motivational mechanisms that are either contextualized to a culture, or individualized.


Jenny Dankelman

Arjan Knulst, Nepal

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