Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques
Department of Biomechanical Engineering - Delft University of Technology
Ir. Roos Oosting
Master or internship: design of a modular laparoscope for minimally invasive surgery in Low-And-Middle Income Countries
27 June 2018

There are currently gross disparities in access to safe, essential surgical care worldwide. The global burden of disease amenable to surgical interventions such as trauma, cancer and complications from childbirth is significant and growing. For widespread implementation safe and high quality affordable equipment is needed that is appropriate for usage in challenging environments.
Minimally invasive surgery could be very beneficial for patients in challenging settings where reduced hospitals stays and less infection risks can have a huge impact. Equipment that is currently available on the market is however, too expensive and difficult to maintain, which inhibits implementation in many countries.


Main goal of this project is 1) compare different off the shelf cameras on image quality by lab tests 2) design and build a functional prototype (or more) to be used in user tests.

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