Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques
Department of Biomechanical Engineering - Delft University of Technology
Ir. Roos Oosting
Ir. Julie Fleischer
Internship at MOI Eldoret teaching and referral hospital, Eldoret in Kenya
31 May 2018

The MOI teaching and referral hospital in Eldoret is one of the biggest public hospitals of Kenya, providing a broad range of procedures to patients from the entire country. A group of biomedical engineering technicians (BMETs) is in charge of all medical equipment used within the hospital. During this internship, you will have the opportunity to work with the BMETs and experience different parts of the hospitals, such as the operating theatre department and/or the central sterilization unit. Many surgeons from all over the world have worked here for either a short or long time, giving this hospital a large international climate.


We are looking for students that are interested to go for a 10-week internship to Eldoret, starting in September 2018. We have a preference to send 2-3 students together, although you will be working on different assignments during your period in Eldoret. 


Assignments you could think of are:

-      Make an inventory of the equipment and tools for maintenance available and design a system how to keep track of this in the future and to determine what is missing

-      Analyze the workflow on maintenance and repair of devices, for example: how is diagnostic of repair issues done

-      Determine how previous investments in equipment work out in clinical practice to learn from for procurement in the future

-      Determine a system to keep track of planned preventive maintenance 

There is room for your own input with regards to the assignments.  


Please send an e-mail to r.m.oosting@tudelft.nlor j.fleischer@tudelft.nlif you are interested. In case of too many applications we might ask for a motivation letter. 


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